What if the car shock absorbers are too stiff?

What if the car shock absorbers are too stiff? Here’s how to improve your car’s shock absorbers that are too hard.


1、New car break-in period

If the shock is too hard, it is because the car is new and the parts are not fully broken in, it is normal for the owner to feel that the shock is too hard. The phenomenon will improve after the break-in period. 


2、 reduce tire pressure

We can change the stiffness of the shocks by changing the tire pressure, but the reduced pressure should be in the normal range of tire pressure. Inside, this method can also provide a little relief.




3、Using adjustable shock absorbers

Consult the professional advice, in the premise of allowing the modification of the replacement of adjustable soft and hard shock absorbers, common are stringer dampers, etc., but also You can adjust the height and damping.




These are ways to improve a car’s shocks that are too stiff, and it should be noted that the stiffness of the car’s shocks is designed to fit the car out of which they are produced. If you change it, there is a risk that the car’s performance and safety will be affected. So, get Conducted by a legitimate professional shop.


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Post time: Jul-07-2020
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