How To Tell Your Shock Absorber Is In Good or Not ?

What are the symptoms of the damaged automobile shock absorber ? The shock absorber is a fragile accessory during the use of the car. It will directly affect the stability of the car and the life of other parts. Therefore, we should make sure the shock absorber is often in good working condition. The following methods can be used to verify that the shock absorber is working well.

1. After the car is driven for 10 km on the road with poor road conditions, stop and touch the shock absorber casing. If it is not hot enough, there is no resistance inside the shock absorber, and the shock absorber does not work. At this time, the appropriate lubricating oil can be added, and then the test is carried out. If the outer casing is heated, the inside of the shock absorber is lacking in oil, and sufficient oil should be added. Otherwise, the shock absorber is invalid. 


2. Press the bumper firmly and release it. If the car does not jump more than once or twice, the shock absorber works well. If it keeps jump up and down and look very flexible, then the shock absorber is bad.


3. When the car is driving slowly and braking urgently, if the car vibration is severe, it indicates that the shock absorber has a problem.

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4. Remove the shock absorber and erect it, and clamp the lower end connecting ring on the vise. Press the shock absorbing rod several times. At this time, there should be stable resistance. The resistance to pull up should be greater than the resistance when pressing down. If the resistance is unstable or there is no resistance, it may be that the inside of the shock absorber is lack of oil or the valve parts are damaged. Repair or replacement of parts should be carried out.



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Post time: Mar-15-2019
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