• Post time: Nov-13-2018

    Hydraulic Cylinders are often doing the hard work in the environments where people often can’t. This can cause additional wear and tear on the hydraulic cylinder, it’s mounts, components, and seals. Maintaining hydraulic cylinders to prevent failure, can also increase the longevity of the hydraul...Read more »

  • Post time: Jul-18-2018

    Ningbo D&R METAL INDUSTRIES CO. LTD. has expansed its suspension mounting kits range to 100 types, including struts mounts, bearings, mounting plates, mounting nuts & bolts. OEM and ODM are available. Welcome your inquiry and order.                                     WHY CHAN...Read more »

  • 2018.6.12-6.14 चीन-मेक्सिको व्यापार मेला
    पोस्ट समय: May-24-2018

    Ningbo D&R Metal Industries Co., Ltd. is going to attend the 2018 China-Mexico Trade Fair. Date: 12th-14th, June Address: Av. Santa Fe No. 270. Colonia Santa Fe. Delegacion Alvaro Obregon, C.P. 01210 Mexico, D.F. Time: 10:00-18:00 Booth No.:N107    N207    At the fair, you will see our auto...Read more »

  • स्पंज-आघात अवशोषक कसरी काम
    पोस्ट समय: May-24-2018

    कसरी स्पंज-आघात अवशोषक काम एक तर्साउने अवशोषक मूलतः कार को फ्रेम र पाङ्ग्रा बीच राखिएको एक तेल पंप छ। तल्लो माउन्ट व्हील (ie, unsprung वजन) को निकट, एक्सल जडान गर्दा आघात माथिल्लो माउन्ट, फ्रेम (ie, फस्टाइरहेका वजन) जडान। एक टी मा ...Read more »

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