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  • More Than 8 Afọ Factory

    More Than 8 Afọ Factory

    is founded by a core team with 8 years experience in auto parts industry

  • Advanced Machines & Tech

    Advanced Machines & Tech

    nwere ihe karịrị 100 PC merela agadi igwe na 150 ahụmahụ wokers

  • Nnyocha Report & Video Tupu Ụgbọ mmiri

    Nnyocha Report & Video Tupu Ụgbọ mmiri

    echesinụ àgwà akara na mma mgbe-ire ọrụ iji hụ na gị zuo

  • Professional Sales Team

    Professional Sales Team

    ọkachamara ahịa otu, 7 x 24h online dozie nsogbu gị

Company News

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How To Tell Your Shock Absorber Is In Goo...

What are the symptoms of the damaged automobile shock absorber ? The shock absorber is a fragile accessory during the use of the car. It will directly affect the stability of the car and the life of other parts. There...ọzọ ....


Hydraulic Cylinders are often doing the hard work in the environments where people often can’t. This can cause additional wear and tear on the hydraulic cylinder, it’s mounts, components, and seals. Maintaining hydrau...ọzọ ....


Ningbo D&R METAL INDUSTRIES CO. LTD. has expansed its suspension mounting kits range to 100 types, including struts mounts, bearings, mounting plates, mounting nuts & bolts. OEM and ODM are available. Welcom...ọzọ ....

2018.6.12-6.14 China-Mexico Trade Fair

Ningbo D & R Metal Industries Co., Ltd. na-aga na-aga 2018 China-Mexico Trade Fair. Ụbọchị: 12th-14, June okwu: Site. Santa Fe Mba 270. Colonia Santa Fe. Delegacion Alvaro Obregon, CP 01210 Mexico, DF ... ọzọ ....

Olee damper-ujo absorber ọrụ

Olee damper-ujo absorber arụ ọrụ A ujo absorber bụ isi ihe mmanụ mgbapụta enịm n'etiti etiti nke ụgbọ ala na wheel-ha. Nke elu ugwu nke ujo ejikọ eku (ie, na sprung arọ), mgbe Lowe ... ọzọ ....
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