Company history

historyNingbo D&R Metal Industries Co., Ltd is a professional suspension shock absorber piston rod and shock absorber parts( damper, eyelet,rubber parts) manufacturer. We best competitors and exceed expectations to win over new clients one by one, and win over existing clients time and again. In fact, each and every client we have taken on over the years is still an active client. How we make those achievements time and again is in the details of our work-flow, but the reasons for a consistently great work-flow are rooted in our company culture, management philosophies, and work ethic.

First and maybe foremost while others say it, for D&R it’s true: we have a passion for solving problems. We don’t try to solve every problem, but rather limit ourselves to a particular area of expertise which is the efficient, precise, reliable and smooth operation of shock absorber parts production lines. And we deliver those solutions comprehensively and customized to your specific needs, according to your specific target market. As hands-on personnel with long industry experience, and unlike the competition who think of their own profits first (or exclusively!), we here at D&R attune our razor-sharp focus to the actual solutions you need and keep that as our driving force. In this way, profits come to us surely and steadily – in lock-step with you.

Here at D&R, “continuous improvement” isn’t just a catchphrase, but something we take to heart. With a critical eye, critical thinking, and full use of client and end-user feedback we’re always getting better and going beyond ourselves to go beyond your expectations. We’re anxious to put our actions to work for you.


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